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Travelling should always be an enjoyable experience, whether it is for work or pleasure. The only ways in which travel can be enjoyable is to have a comfortable mode of transport, reliable transport, experienced drivers and a trip that has been planned ahead. A combination of all these things makes travel a very pleasant experience for everyone. No one understands this better than Transport Hub.

Transport Hub are a national company that have been providing top quality minibuses, with highly skilled drivers and personalised travel services, for over 10 years. We know how important your journey is for you, which is why we always deliver an outstanding service from start to finish. We always go out of our way to make sure that you have complete peace of mind when you are travelling with us. We do this by providing high standard minibuses and coaches, qualified and experienced drivers and we tailor-make your journey according to what your travel requirements are. We treat every single booking as though it’s the only booking and with the utmost importance. We plan the full excursion with you from start to finish, which ensures that you have a wonderful experience with us from start to finish and that everything runs smoothly for you on the day of travel.

Why Transport Hub

Transport Hub is a national company which serves all locations in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Under the parent company of Transport Hub, is the Minibus Hire Gloucester branch that operates in Gloucester and the surrounding areas. Gloucester is situated in the Southwest of England and is a town with a population of approx. 150,000 people. Gloucester is famous for being a cathedral city and is located close to the famous Cotswolds: area of national beauty. Gloucester attracts many visitors and tourists, especially during the Cheltenham Races, whereby, numerous visitors stay in Gloucester that are attending the races. Minibus Hire Gloucester are all too familiar with the transport requirements in and around Gloucester, as we have been serving the region for over 10 years. As part of the national company, Transport Hub, Minibus Hire Gloucester concentrate our services to the southwest of England and provide an outstanding travel service to all customers. Minibus Hire Gloucester possess substantial local knowledge of travelling around Gloucester, in terms of the roads, most popular destinations, peak times, traffic habits and knowledge of alternative routes if required, due to heavy traffic. This knowledge of the locality is absolutely essential in the private hire transport sector, as it allows us to anticipate the journey for you and select alternative routes or times to avoid traffic. Having driven passengers around this area for so many years, no one understands better than Minibus Hire Gloucester, as to what is required for a smooth and comfortable journey. Minibus Hire Gloucester are the leading minibus hire providers in the region and hold an exceptional customer services record. Every single minibus hire that is booked with Minibus Hire Gloucester is treated as unique and of top priority. Minibus Hire Gloucester take great care and close attention to detail, making sure that everything is perfect for you on the day of travel. Minibus Hire Gloucester get to know every single one of their customers and subsequently find out exactly what travel requirements each customer has. Minibus Hire Gloucester then plan the whole excursion according to what your particular travel requirements are. Minibus Hire Gloucester help you select the right minibus for your trip, pre-plan the best and most direct route for and assist you with allocating the best times to travel, so that you reach your destination well in time. It is this detailed level of organisation that has helped Minibus Hire Gloucester reach the leading position in this sector, as we always make sure that every single customer has a thoroughly enjoyable travel experience with us. Due to our consistent top-quality service, Minibus Hire Gloucester have accumulated hundreds of long-term customers that have been using our services for many years. As well as the long-standing customers, Minibus Hire Gloucester attract repeat business from new customers on a daily basis.

Minibus Hire Gloucester offer a substantial range of high-quality minibuses that come in various sizes and specifications. In terms of the seating capacity, Minibus Hire Gloucester provide 8-seater minibuses, 10-seater minibuses, 12-seater minibuses, 14-seater minibuses and 16-seater minibuses, which are available as standard and executive. The executive minibuses come with features such as, leather seats, tables, arm rests, head rests, entertainment systems, luggage compartments, wide aisles and cup holders. Features such as, air-conditioning, luggage compartments and wheelchair access are available with the standard minibuses too. All the minibuses that Minibus Hire Gloucester provide are of high-quality and maintained to a very high standard. Each minibus is regularly serviced and valeted, so that your journey is as comfortable as possible for you. Minibus Hire Gloucester assign qualified, licenced and experienced drivers to each minibus. These drivers of years of experience driving locally and nationally. Both the drivers and the booking staff at our offices are highly trained in people skills by Minibus Hire Gloucester and you will find them to be professional, friendly and courteous at all times. Minibus Hire Gloucester operate around the clock, all year round and can accommodate any journey type, time of day or night, group size and mileage. Some of the most common minibus hires booked with Minibus Hire Gloucester are: airport runs, day hires, regional tours, evenings out, weekends away, a day at the races, sporting events, corporate meetings and events, weddings, funerals and school and work contracts. In fact, there is no journey or event that Minibus Hire Gloucester do not cater for. We will accommodate any travel requirements that you have and carry out the full excursion to the highest of standards from start to finish.

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